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A Note From The Principal


"Archbishop Jerome Listecki has approved the formal proposal for a Racine Catholic schools’ collaboration, a journey that started nearly 7 years ago. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, Racine Catholic schools will collaborate under the name Siena Catholic Schools of Racine. The system is named after St. Catherine of Siena, who was named a Doctor of the Church in 1970, and is regarded for her spirituality and ability to bring popes, bishops, kings and diverse groups together. 


The announcement was made on May 24 to Racine area pastors, principals, parish trustees and representatives of the Racine Dominican sisters. “We always have to make Catholic education accessible and affordable,” Listecki said. “What this does is help to promote those two qualities.” 


He also shared that we will need to promote the system, have patience as it forms and pray for its success. Archbishop acknowledged that all will be called on to sacrifice. As all area parishes will begin to financially support the system beginning in July 2017, everyone will be asked to give something for the greater good. 


Under our new Catholic school system for the Racine area, each current school – K-8 schools and St. Catherine’s School, will retain its own name and campus but be referenced as a member of the Siena Catholic Schools of Racine."


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Have a Blessed Day,

Ms. Knippel